Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Secret

The basic idea behind The Secret is the Law of ِِAttraction which, based on simple quantum physics, states that our reality is a manifestation of our thoughts which are basically electromagnetic fields or signals and, as with any field, our thoughts attract other fields with compatible polarity. In short, our thoughts (both conscience and unconscious) create our reality.

When your thoughts are negative (e.g. fear, anxiety, depression) you tend to draw more misery to yourself. For example if you worry about illness or debt or unemployment it will come to you! Something like what the Egyptian say (اللي يخاف من الجن يطلع له). Or as someone on the DVD said “what you think about comes about”. Or, on the flip side, “what you resist persists “.

Thus the first advice is to keep feeling good and surrounding yourself with things that give you positive thoughts (كن جميلا ترى الوجود جميلا).

When you emit positive energy you will attract more positive energy from the universe and hence your reality becomes better. Pets, music and children have been shown as effective tools of changing mindset to a more positive frequency.

Two main processes play a role in playing the Law of Attraction to your advantage: Gratitude and Visualization. Gratitude (being grateful for the things you have) works in several ways, but mainly it makes you feel better by focusing on what you have rather than what you miss and hence sets your mind into a more positive mood that will attract more positive reality for you (وأن شكرتم لأزيدنكم).

MRI shows that the body cannot really distinguish between reality and imagination. If you imagine something, your brain and body will react as if it was a reality. Visualizing is the process of living your dream (or wants) because “If you are there in your mind, you will go in your body” and once you are tuned in body and mind on what you want it will materialize.

The creative process of creating your day is the basic principle of any religion: (1) Ask, (2) Believe and (3) Receive, with emphasis on Gratitude and focus on the end result and not the how’s. You can Ask in formal or informal prayers to any God you believe in or simply to the energy of the Universe or yourself. In all cases, it has to be to something you really Believe in. The belief will allow you to Receive because you know you are worth it!

This is a summary of what I got from the DVD, I will leave it to you to question and learn more.